I am Rona T Roy, artist and owner of Twiddle T’s Pottery . I make all my wares by hand. Everything I make is usable and foodsafe as well as dishwasher safe and microwave safe. I make all my glazes myself from scratch, its a bit of chemistry, so all my colors are very unique to me and my business, no commercial glazes here. I fell in love with my hobby and choose to quit my full time trade to be a potter, an entrepreneur, my own boss. This has made it easier to be home with my kids while still being able to work and bring in an income. I have been able to control my growth and its guided by my home life. I have met so many wonderful people along my journey and I often wonder where would i be now if I did not choose pottery all those years ago. I don’t know but I wouldn’t change this life for any other. I love my job. I love my customers. I am fulfilled. I am a potter.