Can I pick lavender?
Lavender Lover VIP ticket holders get a choice of 1 Upick bundle, or a dried bouquet, or a sachet, or a jar of culinary lavender. IF the fields have ample lavender then General Admission ticket holders can pick lavender as well. Head to the Upick Station where you can get scissors and instructions to pick lavender. It is VERY important that you understand how to cut lavender since cutting it incorrectly will kill the plant. We have a specific area with 19 varieties in our U-Pick field. For the beauty of the farm and for guests to enjoy the lavender, we do not allow picking in our main field that over looks the mountain and horse pastures. Our Culinary field is off limits for U-picks.

Will the lavender and sunflowers bloom at the same time?
No, lavender blooms late June/early July while our sunflowers bloom late August/early September.

What varieties of Lavender grow on your farm?
We grow 20 Varieties. Each area will be marked with the variety and what its used for. Lavender comes in many colors, including white, pink and various shades of purple.

Can I bring pets?         
Due to insurance reasons and the health and safety of your pet and our farm animals, we do not allow pets. Services dogs are allowed, BUT because our lavender is used for cooking, service dogs are not allowed in the lavender fields.

Can I bring food or drinks?
Bottled water can be brought to the event. Our agreement with our food vendors stipulates no outside food allowed.  Various Food Trucks and Seven Saws Brewery will have food and drinks available for purchase. Be sure to try the Lavender soft serve Ice cream, Lavender Lemonade and Lavender Beer (Buzz Saw) (ages 21+)

Can I bring pop-up tents?
Due to the usual high winds, pop-up tents are not permitted.

What is included in my Farm Fest ticket?
Included in your ticket is admission ticket to theLavender Fields/Sunflower Stroll and various activities around the farm. Be sure to download our FREE Mobile App for our scavenger hunt and other fun things to do.

Why are tickets not sold at the gate?
Our tickets go on sale prior to each event. We have to get a Public Entertainment license from the Town of Holden and one requirement is to notify them of the number of people who may be attending. Our tickets have always sold out before the event, therefore we don’t have any available tickets at the gate.

Why do you limit the number of attendees?
Several reasons. 1. We only have so many parking spots. 2. We want people to enjoy the lavender= experience, having thousands of people on the farm at once would take away from that. 3. The Town issues us a permit for public entertainment and we have to provide them with the number of people who will be attending.

Can I bring a stroller?
Strollers are permitted on the grounds but not in the Lavender Fields or Sunflower Stroll. We are a farm and it is rough terrain. We do not recommend strollers on the Nature walk.

What should I bring?
We recommend guests bring water, sunscreen, bug spray, hats, sunglasses, parasols, ponchos in the event of rain, picnic blankets, and lawn chairs. This is a farm event, we recommend comfortable/sturdy shoes especially if you are taking the nature walk which is over rough terrain.

Can I visit the lavender/sunflower fields on a different days than the festival?
The farm is not open to the public on non-festival days.. We are a working farm and have lots to do on non-festival days.

Is free parking available?
Free parking is available for all ticketed guests. Handicap parking is available, show the parking attendants your placard upon entry.

Are wine and beer available for purchase?
Beer and wine will be available for purchase during the event when Seven Saws Brewing is at the farm. You must be 21 and over to purchase beer and wine.

Are checks and credit cards accepted? (ATM?)
Craft and food vendors may or may not have credit card/check capability. We do plan to have an ATM on-site.

Does the event run rain or shine? 
We can not reschedule due to the fact that vendors, food trucks, musicians have prior commitments on other days, it would be impossible to make last minute changes that would work for everyone. Plus, we have permits from the Town for the days we run the festival and would not be able to move the event to a non-permitted date. The Lavender Farm Fest will take place, regardless of the weather conditions. We recommend bringing appropriate gear for predicted weather. PLEASE NOTE:  This is a RAIN OR SHINE Event!  No Refunds. No Rescheduling. Our Lavender Farm Fest is a rain or shine, bloom or no bloom event, both of which are out of our control.   If you’re disappointed in either, take it up with Mother Nature. We do not reschedule or refund. 

Are there restrooms on the property?
There will be portable restrooms available in several locations for all guests. Our map shows where they are located.

Is the Lavender Farm Fest handicap accessible?
The farm fields are uneven and are not handicap accessible. The patio is fully accessible, the vendor area is located on a paved driveway with some booth areas having gravel. The festival is a farm event and is spread over several acres

Is the event outdoors? Is there shade/AC?
The event takes place mostly outdoors. Any workshops and demos that are held would be in the old historic ski lodge/barn. You may also bring your own handheld umbrella. There is no air conditioning at the festival. There are various shady areas.

What type of ID is required?
A valid government-issued ID is required for all guests over the age of 21 wishing to consume alcoholic beverages.

Are tickets available at the entrance?
Tickets must be purchased in advance and will likely sell out weeks in advance. Tickets are usually NOT available at the gate. 

I bought a ticket for one day can I use it on another day?
Tickets are only valid on the day and time shown on the ticket. Tickets may not be rescheduled to a different date. If you are worried about not being able to use your ticket, we suggest purchasing Purchase Protection from Purchase Protection LLC at the time you purchase your tickets. Be sure to read their terms & conditions & exclusions on what they allow.

Can I get a refund if I can’t make it?
No refunds. If you are worried about not being able to use your ticket, we suggest purchasing Purchase Protection from Purchase Protection LLC at the time you purchase your tickets. Be sure to read their terms & conditions & exclusions on what they allow.

Can we take family photos in the Lavender Fields/Sunflower Stroll?
You may take family pictures with a phone or handheld camera. Tripods and professional set ups are not allowed. Due to the popularity of the event, professional pictures will be difficult to achieve during the event as lots of guests will be enjoying the fields. To schedule a photo shoot on the farm outside of the Farm Fest hours please email Amy

Can I arrive early/stay late?
We are permitted by the town for specific hours therefore we have to abide by the permits.

Why do you charge people to visit the farm?
It costs a lot of money to keep a farm going these days. Property taxes and insurance are two of our major expenses. Our farm buildings all need new roofs, our pastures are in need of new fencing, both of which are extremely costly. It would be a lot easier and profitable to sell our farm to be developed into housing. Selling tickets helps us to pay our bills and keep our farm here for next year.