We, Cici and Nicole, would love to bring our collaborative business, Moon Baby and Nittles, to the Lavender Farm Festival. We are two dedicated artists with over ten years of experience in our fields. Cici is a creator of functional art- from foraged fairy houses to custom design tapestries, she is always making new products and creations. Focusing on fine art, Nicole creates a range of paintings from large-scale original canvases, down to a variety of hand painted clothing. With a desire to keep pushing, Nicole is always expanding and trying new things in her paintings. Together, we design and hand print clothing that displays a perfect balance of our favorite elements. Although we have a wide range of themes throughout our work- we focus on exemplifying motifs of life and peace. Our favorite elements are flowers, nature, skulls, mushrooms, crystals, clouds, and the sun and moon. Our main goal is to be able to share our creations with our local community, and we think your events would be a great place to do that. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Moon Baby and Nittles will be attending both weekends of the Lavender Farm Fest