Enjoy the sites and aroma of our 4, 000 Lavender plants. With a backdrop of Mount Wachusett, the view is stunning.

Most varieties bloom twice each year – with each bloom lasting about 3 weeks. The main bloom is mid-June and we’ve timed our Farm Fest to coincide.. These lavenders sometimesbloom a second time in the month of September/October. While the second bloom is not as profuse – many visitors enjoy the fall foliage season to visit the field.

Lavender peaks when it is 3-5 years old. We started planting in 2017 and each year our rows are getting fuller and taller.

Did you know that Lavender comes in many shades, including white, pink, and various purple and blue shades?

We use our Lavender for cooking, therefore….
We ask that you do not step over the lavender rows.
Please stay on the grass between the rows.

We do not allow pets (including all dogs) in the lavender fields.