Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been drawn to the effortless beauty of flowers. The many scents, colors, and forms encapsulated little me. In fact, most of my childhood photos depict this love and adoration, as I am seen stuffing my face into as many flowers as I possibly could. Little me recognized something that we often times forget in our daily lives; beauty is ever present, it is simply up to us to take notice.

My creations are the result of this notion. Nearly all flowers are picked, pressed, & preserved by the artist, an intricate process that can take up to a month depending on the flower. Once the pressing process is complete, each flower, fern, or petal is placed with the utmost intention, creating delicate keepsakes of nature.

Here’s to finding peace in the present, taking in the beauty of the world around us, allowing ourselves the gift of breathing in good.

Julia from Breathe In Good (s)