My sister and I created AshBmarie about 9 years ago, a vintage chic twist on nostalgia. What we sell are accessories, antiques, and found things; what we create are the most inviting, innovative, and creative spaces. AshBmarie is an experience. We’ve done dozens of retail shows – Brimfield, Boston Flower Show, pro.Found vintage market, Levitate Music Festival, Salem in October, the list goes on. I’ve included some photos of our set ups to give you a sense of who we are. We are a mix of old and new – we upcycle and refinish items too, we are a polished glass of nostalgia that doesn’t disappoint. Although all of our items are not handmade, we always bring items that we’ve upcycled/refinished by hand. We understand that our pieces are not made from scratch but there is a sense of artistic ability that is presented with our talent and level of creativity in bringing old pieces back to life; we bring our craft/art through the “visual medium.” Our take on handmade/art is different from the mainstream and we would greatly appreciate your consideration.

AshBmarie is participating in the 2nd weekend of the Lavender Farm Fest